“I invest with UMD for impressive returns, of course.  But, just as importantly, I have absolute confidence in the integrity of the company.  Keith and Scott have shown the vision, experience, judgement and knowhow to consistently deliver successful, sustainable projects on budget and on schedule.  Due diligence is always a good thing, but ultimately trust is paramount.”  

-Tim Blofeld, UMD Investor

“Our partnership with UrbanMix is a relationship that we value on many levels.  Being a regional developer and builder with limited personnel, we depend on UrbanMix to help source projects that meet our investment criteria and with their expertise, experience and relationships in the industry we know they will guide the project successfully through the entitlement process.  Not only does UrbanMix have numerous and diverse skills and attributes that they can apply to the process, but they are also fun to work with!”

-Aaron Roden, Director of Acquisitions and Planning, Ryder Homes of California


Our capital partners are investing in thoughtfully designed and constructed income-producing real estate assets that enhance the economy, livability, and sustainability of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our projects transform underutilized urban sites into vibrant urban places for a mix of residents to live, work, socialize, and prosper. Focusing on catalyst opportunities allows our investors to benefit from the resulting increase in land values.  UMD intends to hold the assets that we develop in order to take advantage of the projected long-term economic growth in the Bay Area and to fully realize the value that will result from the positive impact of our projects on their communities.

Investment and joint venture opportunities exist for knowledgeable investors alongside UMD. UMD will consider equity investors for full or partial participation in these highly sought after opportunities through project specific Limited Liability Corporations.


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