Roseland Village

The Roseland Village Neighborhood Center is a public/private partnership between MidPen Housing Development Corporation, UrbanMix Development, and the Sonoma County Community Development Commission. The project aligns with community-led efforts to strengthen Roseland’s economic resiliency, expand housing choice, and improve community health. When completed, the project will: 

• Deliver a public plaza that serves as Roseland’s community hub and sustains Roseland’s civic, cultural, artistic, and commercial life. 

• Provide rental apartments affordable to diverse households, from market rate to affordable residences for lower-income households 

• Provide a flexible building design which can accommodate various community uses, including a public library and other community serving programs. 

• Create a Mercado Food Hub which provides space for local food enterprises and supports local business entrepreneurship. 

• Provide pedestrian, bike, and bus linkages to neighborhood and regional employment, educational, service, and recreational amenities. 

• Catalyze the revitalization of Sebastopol Road.

UrbanMix Development is leading the entitlements effort and will develop 100 market rate apartments on the site.

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Project Type:

  • Public/Private Partnership
  • Apartments/Mixed -Use Urban Redevelopment
  • Transit Oriented – 10 min. bike ride to SMART Station

Project Details:

  • 7.4 Acres
  • 75 Affordable Rental Units (MidPen Housing)
  • 100 Market Rate Rental Units (UrbanMix)
  • 25,000 SF Civic Building (Library)
  • 12,000 SF Mercado “Food Hall”
  • 1 Acre Public Plaza

Market Rate Apartments Development Cost:
$25 Million


  • Developer/Investor
  • Project Manager/Entitlements

Status: Entitlement Process Underway; Construction Start Estimated 2019