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In today’s development world, every project is challenging.  Challenging projects require collaborative, creative partners and that’s what we’ve found with UrbanMix.  Their “whatever it takes” attitude and relational approach has earned them the trust of public agency partners and the community.  We have witnessed this first hand as we collaborate together on the Roseland Village master plan in Sonoma County.

-Jan M. Lindenthal, Vice President of Real Estate Development MidPen Housing


I have been personally involved in ensuring that East Garrison is a success and I believe that the parters at UMD are responsible for much of the public support, good planning principles and the positive direction in which this new community is headed. We consider East Garrison to be a model for good planning and development in Monterey County, and I firmly believe that their efforts have helped to change the way we plan and develop in Monterey County for the better.

— Dave Potter, Former Supervisor, District 5, Monterey County California


Lifestyle, affordability and mobility options are changing how and where we live and what we build. UrbanMix Development LLC (“UMD”) is leading the way by creating extraordinary micro-communities in the San Francisco Bay Area that address all three.

UMD is a privately held real estate company that develops desirable mixed-use, market rate and middle-income residential rental properties. We seek opportunities to transform underutilized urban sites into vibrant urban places for a mix of residents to live, work, socialize, and prosper. We believe that collaborative public processes and great design are the most effective tools for sustainable urban regeneration. And we allow mixed use, mixed income and mixed mobility to be the guiding priorities of our projects

The combination of an unprecedented regional housing shortage and growing demand for urban living in the Bay Area create a unique opportunity for developers willing to adapt their business model accordingly. Backed by the extensive development experience, creative thinking and strong strategic relationships of the UMD team, we’re wielding a new approach to Bay Area development that masters acquisitions, expedites entitlements, preserves affordability, delivers superior design, and champions the best that urban living has to offer.

UMD is committed to working hand-in-hand with communities to identify, develop and build mixed use neighborhoods that they truly want, in order to address our region’s housing needs and help create a more vibrant and sustainable Bay Area. We seek partners who share our values and passion for providing housing for a full spectrum of residents.

Above all else, we’re passionate about improving the social fabric of our cities – by creating places that are beautiful, convenient and enjoyable, and improving access to a diversity of people who want and deserve to call the Bay Area “home.”

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